Welcome To Our New Website

We thank you for visiting our new website that we recently launched. There still may some sections that are unfinished as we are still adding content and tweaking some things on a daily basis. EastWave, both the company and this website have gone through many changes over the years. The site www.eastwave.com originally started out in 2004 highlighting our web development services.

Over the years our internet retail business grew and we changed www.eastwave.com to be the main hub of that network and moved all information about our development services to www.eastwavemedia.com. At one point we even had a store down at the Crystal Coast area of NC and had expanded into offering pack & ship services along with eBay listing services.

We sold off parts of the company in recent years and closed down some areas of the company that were not as profitable in today’s time as they were in years past. We are happy to say that we have now moved everything back and all services we offer at this time are found back to where we initially started out years ago. We have streamlined everything and now focus on what we do best… offering development, multi-media & IT services to our area and beyond.