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Black & Brown Leather Hatband with Diamond Conchos
Black & Brown Leather Hatband with Diamond Conchos
Hatbands are one accessory used to ornament a cowboy or ten gallon hat. Our selection of hatbands are designed for both mens and womens hats and include bead, bone, leather, and crystal hatbands, as well as a variety of feather hatbands. Many of these hatbands, particularly leather or bone hatbands, include a studded silver hatband style. One common type of hatbands is a bone hatband. These bone hatbands, or bone and bead hatband designs, are typically worn around the head rim of a cowboy hat but can also be worn as chokers or short necklaces. The bone pieces used in these bone hatbands are authentic bone beads that come in natural white or brown colors but are also dyed black. To accompany the long bone pieces for a bone hatband, many of these hatbands include beads, whether small or medium-sized silver or turquoise beads. Beaded western hatbands with bone often come in contrasting color combinations, such as black or brown and turquoise. For a brighter color combination, another option for a hat accessory is a feather hatband. Our selection of feather hatbands includes natural color feather hatbands and dyed feather hatbands. Both types of feather hatbands can come in a natural plumage style or as fluffy feather hatbands. When the feathers are dyed, they are often patterned with white feathers alternating with bright colored feathers. Other options for hatbands include leather hatbands and crystal hatbands. Our selection of leather hatbands includes solid or woven leather hatbands that fit on a cowboy hat, and these hatbands are often ornamented with silver studs or conchos. In fact, some of these hatbands end up looking like silver hatbands, as all silver pieces are linked together on a leather hatband. For a hatband that stands out but is smaller in size, our crystal hatbands can fit on both mens and womens hats. Crystal hatbands are made of Austrian crystal or rhinestones linked together and form bands from one to three small crystals in thickness.

Brand: Western Express
Category: Hat Accessories

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