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Genuine Bone Bracelet - Turquoise
Genuine Bone Bracelet - Turquoise
We have a wide selection of western jewelry for women, and even men, and part of our selection includes western bracelets. Western bracelets are cuff bangles or charm bracelets that incorporate western stones, such as turquoise, onyx, or abalone, into the design of the bracelet or use typical western images, such as wolves, horses, and buffalo nickels. We carry all types of western bracelets, from basic stone western bracelets to bone and bead leather western bracelets. Our selection of stone western bracelets includes smaller stones strung together for our magnetic hematite bracelets. These incorporate long black stone beads with smaller, rounded western stone beads. Our options for this type of bracelet include turquoise, crystal, amethyst, and onyx beads alternating with the longer hematite beads. Bone and bead western bracelets also use a similar design as the hematite bracelets, with long bone beads in rows alternating with small stone or metal beads. These can be used as chokers, as well. Other western bracelets using stones include the cuff bangle bracelets, which have large center turquoise or onyx stones on the bracelet. However, the western bling bangle bracelets are typically made of silver and have a western silver character, including horses, a wolf, or buffalo nickel, set at the center of the bracelet. Another common type of bracelet is a western charm bracelet. These are traditional pewter charm bracelets, only these, much like the western bling bangle bracelets, use western characters as charms. Some have an array of various charms, like cowboy boots and lassos, attached to the bracelet, while others have just all horses or horse heads. For the horses western charm bracelet designs, these arent always in pewter and we have stone and abalone and gold colored options.

Brand: Western Express
Category: Bracelets

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