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Billards Training Aids
View our excellent collection of Billards Training Aids. High quality billiard & pool products from some of the top billiards brands around.

Product ID: CSSET1
CueSight Laser Sighted Cue Case Extras
The CueSight laser-sighted pool cue is designed as a training aid to help a player improve his or her stroke. A removable laser in the tip of the cue shines a crosshairs straight ahead onto the cue ball. As you stroke, you can see in real-time any inaccuracies in your stroke, allowing you to corre...
List Price: $149.00
Price: $141.55
Product ID: PQTASP
The Spider Training Aid
This patented billiards training aid teaches billiards players of all abilities how to make more shots. The Spider uses laser technology and illumination to teach the key concepts of billiards shot making while the person is playing pool. The Spider is the world?s first pool trainer that teaches the...
List Price: $119.95
Price: $113.86

Product ID: PQCFS1
Learning Fancy Shots Cards
The ?Learning Fancy Shots? card deck from Paul Frankel, ?Professor Q-Ball?, teaches you how to make challenging, match-saving shots. These shots are useful in both 3-cushion and pocket billiards. Think you?re hooked? Use fancy shot #8 to get free and then run out! Each shot is thoroughly explain...
List Price: $15.39
Price: $13.99
Product ID: PQCTS1
Learning Trick Shots Made Easy Cards
Professor Q-Ball?s ?Learning Trick Shots Made Easy? card deck explains how to set up and execute nine amazing trick shots. ?Pocket two balls from underneath handkerchief in rotation? is but one of the many shots outlined in this fun-filled card deck. Amaze your friends and family with your new-fou...
List Price: $15.39
Price: $13.99

Product ID: RETACG
Buddy Hall Cue Guide
If there is one thing that all instructors agree on it is that a straight stroke is absolutely needed to play well. The Buddy Hall Cue Guide was invented to train your muscle memory and help you to develop that championship stroke. The Cue Gude is height adjustable allowing for stroke training at ...
List Price: $11.39
Price: $9.99
Product ID: CSBAT1
Laser Sighted Cue: Extra Batteries
Full set of three replacement batteries for your CueSight Laser-Sighted Pool Cue. Save by buying direct from us. With the money you save, you can afford to spend more time at the pool table!
List Price: $7.39
Price: $5.99


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