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Product ID: AHI_94
Photo and Video Light SoftBox Two Deluxe
Photo and Video Light SoftBox Two Deluxe

2 StillShot2 Professional Light Stands/Tripods
2 StillShot2 Professional Light Holders
2 StillShot2 high intensity fluorescent light bulbs

The StillShot2 Pro Series Kit Reflects and Softens light for soft, enhanced shadows

Hot Spots and Glare are easily eliminated

SoftBoxes evenly distribute light

StillShot2 Pro Series Studio Tripods

Professional quality, pressure die-cast aluminum construction for maximum stability.

Extremely strong , durable and lightweight.
Compact and Versatile Design
Solid locking capabilities with quick-release levers.
Tripods extend up to 9 Foot high
Base slides upward creating a more compact stand for quick storage and transport.

StillShot2 Pro Series Studio Light Holders

Quick adjustable light positions that lock at the desired angle

Included are 4 quick locking fasteners

Each Bulb Alone Retails for over $90.00 !! That a $180 value
Continuous Lighting Kit
Each Bulb housing has a built in ballast
Ballast allows only a 4 kw socket to ensure high powered bulbs run efficiently!
Horizontally or vertically hang bulbs at any angle
Each is rated at over 10,000 hours of use
125 watts, 110 volts, 6400k
Incandescent Comparison: 625 watts each!
Coolest Lighting Possible - Avoiding unnecessary Heat during a photo shoots
Full Spectrum
Cool Bright Bulbs
Cost and Energy Efficient

StillShot2 Pro Series Soft Light Box

TWO StillShot2 Pro Studio Soft Light Boxes

Black Outer Skin
Reflective Inner Skin
Steel Frame
Speed Ring- which Fuses both Light Holder and Light Frame Together
Inner and Outer Diffusers
Easy To Assemble Quickly
Easy To Store
Inner Storage Case For Each Box

Fully Custom Carrying Case designed for comfort and portability
Dual large opening zipper system for easy open access
Velcro Support Locks
Protective padded case for added protection
TWO additional removable bags for each light box
Hand wrap around nylon straps with full Velcro lock
Full wrap around large nylon shoulder strap
Filters light to prevent shadows and reflections

StillShot2 custom carrying case

Simple set up and easy to store design

Brand: AHI
UPC: 812927014080
Amazon ASIN: B001JKEG6Y
Category: Photography Studio Equipment

List Price: $399.99
Price: $379.99

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