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Product ID: AHI_403
Photo and Video Light SoftBox Two
Photo and Video Light SoftBox Two
NEW SoftBox Flash Studio lighting set

This item includes:

* 2 Still Shot2? Professional Tripod Light Stands
* 2 Still Shot2? Professional Light Holders
* 2 Still Shot2? 50 watt modeling lamps
* 2 Still Shot2? 12 foot Sync cords with hot shoe adapters
* Still Shot2? 120 watt Strobe Lights -Two Great Lights in One

* The Still Shot 2 Pro Series Kit Reflects and Softens light for soft, enhanced shadows
* Hot Spots and Glare are easily eliminated
* Reflector Umbrella Holes

The SoftBox Flash Photo lighting kit is designed to provide all the necessary tools for professional still shot portrait photos and video The Still Shot 2? Stands can be used with SoftBoxes or Umbrellas (sold separately) with the reflector umbrella holes

Still Shot 2? Professional Series Light

DESCRIPTION: Quick adjustable light positions that lock at the desired angle Included are 4 redesigned quick locking fasteners The 20 foot long cord helps - Moving the SoftBoxes freely into position for best lighting effects Still Shot 2 Pro Series Studio Modeling Light Bulbs

* The Bulb Alone Retails for over $90.00 - A $180 value!
* Double Duty Lights - Both Modeling and Strobe
* Each Bulb housing has a built in ballast
* Horizontally or vertically hang bulbs at any angle
* Each is rated at over 10,000 hours of use
* Color Temperature 5600k-5800K
* Trigger Method: Sync Cord, Infrared
* Recharging Time: 0.5-3 sec

* Coolest Lighting Possible - Avoiding unnecessary Heat during a photo shoots that make your models sweat!
* Full Spectrum
* Cool Bright Bulbs
* Cost and Energy Efficient

Still Shot2? Pro Series Soft Light Box TWO Still Shot2? Pro Studio Soft Light Box

* Black Outer Skin
* Reflective Inner Skin
* Steel Frame
* Speed Ring- which Fuses both Light Holder and Light Frame Together
* Inner and Outer Diffusers
* Easy To Assemble Quickly


Brand: AHI
Category: Photography Studio Equipment

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